Micro Perception In-depth (MPID) is founded by Director Miss Tham Hui Saan through numerous clinical experiences and analysis.  This diagnostic system is different from the traditional methods as this is a refined technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic skills.

Features :


Clinical examinations and judgments are based on the palpation standards regulated by MPID.


Clinical examination might vary from symptomatic site, as clinical judgment is not solely based on presenting complaint.


Aim to treat the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms.


Devise appropriate treatment plan based on the information collected by MPID.


Throughout the progression of these years, due to overwhelming amount of consultations, Miss Tham personally nurtured and taught a batch of students this unique skill. Through this special MPID professional training, our physicians’ skilful diagnostic capability enables a more precise clinical judgment regarding the disease’s specific location, depth, size, and type of tissues involved.


Each and every one is different and unique; hence, the same kind of disease may have different pathological location and depth.

We understand that there are patients had sought treatment at various places for years but recovery or expectations were not achieved. This is because the existing treatment methods are uniform and lack of specificity. Through MPID, physician is able to detect the micro pathogenic changes precisely even before patients telling or sometimes patients are unaware of it. With this, it enhances the treatment efficacy.

How effective is MPID?

MPID promises high treatment efficacy. Within few years, people from over 40 countries were attracted to visit and stay for treatment.

To further understand the effect of MPID, please refer to the testimonials.

MPID treatment

Common patients’ queries :Why treating other parts of the body instead of symptomatic site?

Generally, the concept of treatment is on the symptomatic part.  For example, treat the shoulder if there is shoulder pain, treat the head if headache is presents. But in fact, this kind of treatment method might not be able to solve the root cause of the disease as under a lot of circumstances; the symptom could be triggered by other parts of the body.

 With MPID, treatment is more effective as physician is able to locate and treat the root cause of the disease. For instance, you might be surprised that  physician might treat the abdomen in the case of headache. 

The main treatment method is MPID acupuncture and MPID manipulation technique.