Miss Tham had graduated with Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree of clinical medicine from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. Her master’s was mentored by the respectful Professor Ding Yuanqing (Neurologist), China National’s sixth batch Advisor of Famous Veteran TCM Experts Academic Inheritance. Thereafter, under Professor Yan Zhaojun’s teaching, she learnt the syndrome differentiation system of emotional disorder patterns. Furthermore, she acquired manipulation skills taught by Mr. Lim Feng Er.

Miss Tham had served as Chinese Medicine advising committee of Ministry of Health Malaysia, and was responsible in the development of TCM legislative matters.

She was a lecturer of Chinese Medicine course in Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. She also held the position of Academic Director of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association, she was in charge of promoting the continuous education programme for Malaysia Chinese Medicine practitioners. She is currently responsible as council member of World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Neijing Professional Committee and invited as speaker of International Medical University lifelong learning course.

She is popularly invited by mass media to conduct medical forum and print media interviews in effort to educate the public regarding Chinese Medicine general knowledge and clinical treatment efficacy.

Han Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Specialists founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, expertise in treating various pain disorders and neurology related diseases. Miss Tham has in-depth knowledge and findings especially regarding to dizziness, insomnia, dementia, Tourette’s syndrome, stroke and many other types of dysfunction. The establishment of MPID diagnostic technique enables its’ application in the treatment of various complicated brain disorders, with outstanding efficacy which attracts people from more than 40 countries to visit for treatment.