Profile of founder

  • Founder of Micro Perception In-Depth (MPID)
  • Founder and chief physician of Han Neuro Acupuncture and Herbal Specialists
  • BTCM and MCM (Neurology), Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.
  • World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) Neijing professional committee member
  • World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) mental health committee member
  • Former Chinese Medicine advising committee of Ministry of Health Malaysia
  • Former lecturer of Chinese Medicine course at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  • Former academic director of Malaysian Chinese Medical Association

Vision of Founder

The education method of Chinese Medicine institutions mostly focuses on theoretical memorization and comprehension, whereas skills training in practical is generally lacking. The training of treatment skills and diagnosis requires rigorousness and accuracy. Due to lack of hands-on practical course together with inadequate training on diagnosis and skills, the learning of Chinese Medicine medical theory will become impractical.

Nowadays, many industry insiders believe that the graduates from current Chinese medicine institutions are not well-equipped with practical experience and hence, the apprenticeship program is established to overcome this weakness. However, the apprenticeship program lacks of systematic guidance and assessment.

With thorough consideration, I spent 6 years constantly devising and refining this systematic clinical skill training course, to build an education of clinical acupuncture and diagnosis of high practicality through the application of hands-on approach. This course adopts clinical problem-based education, which traversely links clinical thinking based on Chinese and Western Medicine’s theories, revealing the biomedical science and treatment basis under the philosophical theories of Chinese Medicine.

Each and every Chinese Medicine physician persistently conducts learning visits to many places in pursuit of the highest grade of medical skills to achieve the state of superior doctor. However, when dealing with diverse theories and medical information, how are we able to differentiate and truly set foot in the threshold of excellence in medical skills? Among Chinese Medicine practitioners,some thinks that structural knowledge is practical yet Jing Qi is unessential, whereas some thinks that Chinese Medicine should not focus on the body structure which cause downgrade of skills; some believes that imagery is important, some believes that imagery is illusory; some finds biology and other modern theories to be essential, some finds modern theories to be of no use in clinical; some believes that manual needle manipulation is necessary in acupuncture, some has the opposite view. MPID Chinese Medicine clinical training course is the key entrance to the verification of all questions.

Some believe that body structure is everything because they do not realize the realm beyond structural understanding. On the other hand, some think that metaphysics is the entire as they are not aware of the substantiality and robustness of body structural knowledge. Physical body structure is the foundation of metaphysics. Human body structure should be learnt because it is the “map”. However, as should be known, Chinese medicine has its own understanding of human body structure which should be differentiated from Western medical anatomy.

Only through training and practice, one can enter the real Chinese medicine clinical setting. The integration of anatomical structure and Chinese medicine’s theory should be analyzed and mastered personally. Its complete understanding will definitely result in the achievement of accurate clinical judgment with consistent and remarkable therapeutic effect.


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